Internet Explorer Testing – Test Your Sites with Ease

A variety of tools has been developed and introduced for testing sites in Internet Explorer regardless of the platform that you are using. The basic function of Internet Explorer testing is to preview and perform a test on websites in various versions of Microsoft IE browsers. These include: IE6, IE7, IE8, IE9, IE10, IE11, and the new IE Edge. This test can be easily performed with the excellent tools provided by Browserling – a unique application providing numerous tools to perform cross-browser testing and web testing and a lot more.

browser lling

This browser testing service is designed to present a live interactive versions of all Internet Explorers. Testing is also possible inmany different platforms such as Andriod, iOS, and many others. The exciting part is that Browserling don’t even require an installation, it’s user-friendly, and gives you optimal results without consuming much of your time. Just click a few buttons and you’re testing.

Usually, Internet Explorer drives a lot of traffic as it’s the default browser on Microsoft Windows platforms. It keeps updating every year with new Windows versions and it’s been known for years and hence it’s preferred browser by non-tech people. Web designers and developers have been banging their heads hard to create proper tools and techniques to make IE testing easier and better!

What comes prior in the checklist is to run various rendering processes parallelythat consequently reduces waiting time without compromising the productivity. In spite of software itself being a web application, it has a solid implementation for checking compatibility with different versions of Internet Explorer and Edge. It supports all modern Windows platforms such as Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10.

We surely understand how frustrating it can be to cross-test your developed or designed website on all the versions of IE present till the date. The IE testing tools created by Browserling are a great way to ensure best experiences to all your web users. This app provides an ultimate escape to individuals determined to keep a check on their websites, irrespective of the fact which version of IE their users happen to use.

Browserling is a powerful tool designed for professional users.We recommend that you try it!

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