What Should You Know About Cake Decorations?

Decorating cakes is an art in itself. From writing style, icing till sugar painting and colors the world of cakes is much more than you think. For even making the simplest cake decorations an effective one it is important to be aware of certain techniques, tips and tricks that would transform your decoration into a one of a kind. So, if you are planning to decorate a cake and don’t know where to start from then you have arrived at the right destination.

As here, we are going to discuss quick and easy steps that will help you in decorating your cake just the way you want!

Choose the Perfect Type of Cake

There are different types of cakes, where each looks best in a specified decoration. Hence, when you are planning to decorate a cake first you need to identify the right type of the purpose. Some of the common forms include Wedding Cakes, Christmas Cakes, Birthday Cakes, Children Party Cakes and many more.

Basically, the type of occasion for which you are going to have the cake will determine the right style of decorations that would stand appropriate for it.

Type of Icing or Frosting

Red_Velvet_Cake_Waldorf_AstoriaThe essence of cake decorations is icing, as it breathes a new life to your cake. There are many forms of icing or frosting that you can use on your cake such as butter cream, sugar paste, fluffy frosty, royal icing, fondant, sugar glue, modeling paste- the list is almost endless. After determining the type of icing that you want to have on your cake the next step is to understand the way you are going to apply it on them.

This is the part where you can let your creativity shine and go for those ideas that appeal you the most. Always remember that the decorations made on the cake should always be based on the theme for which you are going to need it.

Going Beyond Icing

If you are someone who is fed up of the same old icing or frosting decorations then you can move beyond them and use a combination of fresh fruits, chocolates, candies, sprinklers, nuts, toffees, coconut and even jam as an alternate. They will work as well as the icing, giving a refreshed look and feel to your cake, and making it even more special.

Equipments For Cake Decorations

Once you are aware of the type of cake that you need along with the decorations that you are going to have on it. The next step is to discover the best equipments for the purpose. Now, the type of equipments that you need is dependent upon the cake decoration techniques that you want to use.

For instance, if want to go for sugar painting then you would require fine brush and food color for painting on the petals, royal icing or pastillage of the cake. Similarly, other tools such as nozzles and piping bags are essential when handling icing or frost. So, follow these steps and let your creativity speak through cake decorations.

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