Clocking in and out with time hub

Time clock is the perfect application for business savvy people who want to save their time by keeping track with their employee schedules and payrolls. It is because of this application that business companies can save annually amounts up to $3.700 because it tends to eliminate overpayment to employees. It prepares a brief payroll report which is a very convenient way of dealing with employment salaries. With this app, clocking in and out becomes easy for the employees and they can do it from any remote location.

Reasons why it is the perfect app for the company

  1. Simple in use- during the quick and easy signing up process, the set up wizard of the app guides the user through some of the best features of the app. the intuitive dashboard makes it easier for the users to understand some key features and in case if there is any issue or question, the friendly customer support is always there to resolve the issues. So time clock hub is the perfect user friendly app for your business.
  2. Saves immense time and money- the software time clock hub, is absolutely free application and it saves considerable amount of company which would have been other incurred on a separate department for handling scheduling and payroll.  With the application, the working hours of individuals are calculated automatically and their payment amount is then. All the user has to do is to push the button and the payroll report will be presented within seconds.
  3. Security feature-company`s security is the highest requirement of any business company and time clock hub perfectly adheres by it. The data of the time clock is secured by high security standards including the military grade SSL encryptions along with numerous backup systems. In fact the ideal encrypted protection provides ideal safe protection which ensures that the information on the system is always available.
  4. Customized reporting- the time clock hub software provides for feature of giving detailed payroll reports and reimbursements  that matter the most to an individual.  The software allows for easy and fast upload of all the relevant and important documents that are required by the company. the software`s easy downloadable CSV files enable the users to export the data to numerous book keeping software like quickbooks, zenpayroll etc.
  5. Flexible tracking- the software isn`t just good for companies with stationary locations but is also perfect tool for tracking employees as well. the user can assign specific locations via the computer`s or laptop`s IP address where clocking in and out facility is available. Users can also specifically clock in and out via their smartphones. Employees also get to use their schedules through an email or text message.

All in one solution software- so, the software is a perfect blend of mixture of using some exceptional technicalities and briefed features. It renders the feature to track the employee`s working hours, assigning and managing tasks and managing the payroll reports and all that within one single platform. Due to all these features, companies rely heavily on Time Clock Hub.

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