Common Signs of Residential Electrical Problems

Whether you just purchased a new home or live in the same home you did for years, you still risk having some electrical problems plague your house and family. Electrical problems can occur because you still have an old breaker box that uses fuses instead of circuits, you aren’t getting electricity from the poles and lines outside your home or you have too many products using too much of your electrical system. Before you contact your electrical provider with questions or complaints, you can look for some of the common signs of these problems.

Tripped Circuits

Modern homes use circuit breakers and often have grounded outlets that can accommodate appliances and electronics that need 240 volts. Most builders use dedicated circuits that let you run your refrigerator and other major appliances on their own individual circuits, but some builders will create a system that puts two or more rooms on the same circuit. If you try to run two appliances at the same time or plug too many things into the outlets connected to that circuit, your power will go out because you tripped the circuit.

Flickering Lights

While flickering lights might make you wonder if your house is home to ghosts, the most common reason why lights flicker is because of problems with the electrical system. You may notice that the lights turn off and then back on quickly when you run your washing machine, but you may also find that the lights flicker constantly when you do not run any appliances at all. If the problem exists in just one room, it can be a sign of faulty wiring in the walls or ceiling, which often occurs because a previous owner installed those lights.

Power Outages

You should also keep an eye out for any power outages that you experience on a regular basis. When the power fails and you do not have a tripped breaker or do not need a new fuse, this may indicate a problem with your electrical provider. Contact that provide to explain the problem and ask what you should do next. The company may send out an inspector to look at your home’s system to determine if there is a problem in the connection from the line or if there is a problem that requires the help of the utility pole manufacturer. If your home suffers from any of these problems, you need to get help repairing your electrical system.

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