Discover Some Brilliant Apps That Are Just Right For Your Business

Small business owners who want to be as productive and as efficient with their time as possible will greatly benefit from choosing and using the right apps. Today, we’d like to point you towards four applications which are known for their helpfulness. Use one or all of them in order to become a more successful entrepreneur

1.) Keep Track of Ideas with Evernote

If you have great ideas on the go, such as while you’re flying, and you want an app which allows you to organize, store and share images, text and voice notes, then you’ll love Evernote. It’s a great way to remember everything and it’s very popular with entrepreneurs and businesspersons in general.

2.) Google Drive Really Boosts Efficiency

It’s so nice to use a free app which has a high level of performance and capability. Google Drive definitely falls into this category. When you utilize it, you’ll have the power to port and edit your files from your personal computer to your smartphone to your tablet! This office suite has amazing features. It’s a complete, cloud-based drive, so you’ll find that you’re able to store any types of files on it, via a drive app which is virtual or via a Web-based interface.

3.) Boost Your Networking with Bump

Networking is one of the secrets to growing a business. If you would like to network more effectively, you’ll find that Bump is a great app to try. It allows businesspersons to skip the usual, paper-based business cards and swap virtual business cards instead! So, it’s eco-friendly, in addition to being fun and extremely convenient! As well, you’ll be able to swap contact data, images and files, just by bumping both of your smartphones together. This app was launched during 2008 and it’s become a huge favorite with entrepreneurs. More than eight million people use the app every single month.

4.) Travel Smarter with the Power of Tripit

If you frequently have to catch connector flights and rent cars in order to do business, you already know the importance of a detailed, yet simple itinerary. When you use Tripit, the app will help you to track your trip arrangements within the app. As well, you’ll be able to access updates on weather, as well as directions and maps. This app is so popular that it was sold for a whopping one hundred and twenty million dollars in 2011.

Try These Hot Apps Today

As you can see, apps aren’t just for entertainment. They are also powerful business tools which help entrepreneurs to get things done quickly and properly. When you add the right apps to your smart phone or tablet, such as the four gems that we’ve discussed here, you’ll be able to change the way that you work, network and travel, for the better. These apps just scratch the surface in terms of what’s out there. However, they are all fine choices for those who want to access information, manage time more effectively and generally kick some butt in the business world.

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