Experience Mobile Connectivity Freedom in This Bluetooth Watch

The idea of Bluetooth watch is not entirely new, and many reputable brands already release their own trims. However, the demand on mobile connection keeps on rising and users will like to have advanced support through it. Well, this is about time. Among few good ones, one appears to stand out on amazing specs.

If you are looking for an option on this kind of watch, you should check out Tvc-mall.com. This online retailer allows you to get many options. However, one particular watch is highly recommended, ZGPAX S360 Smart Bluetooth 4.0 Watch, SOS Dial / Pedometer / Find Phone – Black. This watch offers technology and style at once. The wristband is made of genuine leather with matching color to the case. There are more color options beside black. You can choose red leather wristband with pink rose case, or white wristband and silver case. The round shape is built elegant so it doesn’t look like a gear or device at all.

The specs of this watch are amazing. The clock that seems like a common clock is actually an 1.22 inch of capacitive screen as the display. It is able to process several connectivity tasks due to the support by MTK2502 CPU with 260M speed in processing the task. It is also enriched with 128 MB ROM Flash for better performance. The G Sensor leaves the watch as more than just a Bluetooth watch but a smart one. It is also empowered by 350 mAh battery life which allows you to use it all day. Data transfer can be done in two ways including BLE 4.0 Bluetooth connectivity and Micro USB v2.0 transfer. It doesn’t really matter what is your mobile phone since it works just well with mobile phones on Android or iOS.

The display is completed with remote camera that allows you to take selfie and group photos with friends easier. You don’t need to always use your mobile phone anymore. When you connect your watch and mobile phone through Bluetooth, you will be able to enjoy even more freedom. This watch will notify you when you get new incoming messages, and Skype or WeChat chat on your mobile phone. It can also display it. Within the connection, you can make a call or receive one while driving. This is so much convenient. SOS call is also enable so it should be helpful during emergency situation. In addition to it, you will enjoy the alarm feature and pedometer facility to support your exercise.

This smart wrist watch is offered in incredibly affordable price, $50.17. The particular retailer mentioned above offers even cheaper price if you purchase on several more amount. This watch has been released since April last year, so it is about time to get it for yourself.

If you are considering getting yourself this kind of watch, you should probably take this one. It is not expensive while it offers you the greatest mobile connectivity support and more. If you can get something great like this, you shouldn’t even think about any other alternative.

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