Interesting Facts about Cell Phone Radiation

The invention of mobile phones has paved way for effective communication between friends, co-workers and family. However, excessive use can take a toll on your health. To be enlightened, necessary information has been made available to the public by researchers. Some of their finding is that, the radiation from cell phone is really dangerous as it pose the possibility of one being affected with cancer. Aires Technology uses the latest technology in producing cell phone radiation protection devices to keep you safe and healthy

Further research has also shown that infertility, brain tumor and high blood pressure are some of the side effects that radiations have on the human body.  An increasing number of persons are diagnosed each year with cancer possibly because of an extensive use of cell phone.   

Each phone has different rate at which they emit radiation. Therefore, it is advisable to buy the type of phone that has the lowest rating to guide you from being prone to the effects that radiation causes.

More so, depending on the country that you reside, there is a specific absorption rate for each phone. Ensure that you read the manual accompanying any phone before you opt to purchase it.

You also need to know some details concerning the radiation emanating from the use of cell phone since there is over 5 billion users worldwide. We will outline some of the effects and protective measures associated with the use of mobile phone.


  1. Brain tumor
  2. Cancer
  3. Low sperm count
  4. High blood pressure
  5. Poor hair growth


  1. Only adult are advised to use cell phone that is why in some countries children below the ages of 16 are not allowed to use phone.
  2. Avoid a prolong usage of phone. Five hundred minutes is the recommended duration an individual is expected to spend on phone monthly but sad to say, statistics has shown that children spend 2500 minutes on phone.
  3. Ensure to use handsfree or Bluetooth headset when on a long call.
  4. Some persons are accustomed to placing their cell phones under their pillow when they want to go to bed at night but this is discouraged since putting your cell phone close to your body exposes you to some health risks. Therefore, it is best to discontinue with such habits and ensure that your phone does not lie beside you on your bed.  
  5. Before purchasing a mobile phone, read the manual so that you will be acquainted with regards to the absorption rate of your phone. opt for the minimal specific absorption rate.

Although there are negative side effects on the human body by these emitted radiations from cell phones, minimizing the effects is highly possible and we should see ways to put these protective measures to good use.

Conclusively, you should ensure to keep your phone some distance away from your body, avoid prolong usage of cell phone, purchase a cell phone answering device, read your phone manual to get yourself acquainted with the specific absorption rate of your phone  and ensure that you are of the recommended age for the use of a mobile device.


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