Processor For My Computer

The Best Processor For My Computer

The computer is the technology that has been built with incorporation of many small technologies. The latest version of computer integrates the vast and upgraded tools. One of such tool that is needed for proper functioning of a computer is microcontroller 8051.

Microcontroller 8051 is also known as Intel MCS 51. It is a miniature computer instruction set that has been designed to work with the optimum speed.

What is Microcontroller 8051 made up of?

The Microcontroller 8051 is made up of metal oxide semi conductor technology. The initial ones used N-type materials while the later one used complementary technology. The later one consumes less power than the N type. This made the complementary type to be more effective to be used for battery operated devices.

The application of Microcontroller 8051:

The Microcontroller 8051 has been used in a number of applications. Some of these are as following:

  • They provide function of Central Processing Unit
  • They provide function of Random Access Memory
  • They provide function of Read Only Memory
  • They provide function of 8-bit arithmetic logic unit (ALU)
  • They provide function of Accumulator
  • They provide function of 8-bit data bus
  • They provide function of 8-bit microcontroller
  • They provide function of 8-bit registers
  • They provide options for multiplication, division, and comparison of instructions
  • It also integrates Boolean processor with a wide array of instructions options
  • It also incorporates register banks
  • It also provides options for register switching
  • There are some derivatives of Microcontroller 8051 which enables power saving mode.

Incorporation of Boolean system:

The incorporation of Boolean system enables the user to utilize the Boolean logic option efficiently and easily. This can be performed on various ports, RAM, and registers. This feature has increased the popularity of Microcontroller 8051 as it has reduced the size of coding up to 30%.

The incentives of register switching option:

Microcontroller 8051 has the option of register switching. This feature enables the user to complete the desirable function within a limited time. This enables the user to transfer every bit of information from one register to the other without any interruption and much faster.

The latest version of Microcontroller 8051

Recently many new Microcontrollers 8051 have been launched. They have latest features which allow faster working to the user. Some of these features are:

  • They have one or two UARTs
  • They incorporate two or three timers
  • They have internal data RAM of 128 or 256 bytes (16 bytes the RAM is bit-addressable)
  • They have up to 128 bytes of I/O
  • They have internal program memory of 512 bytes to 64 KB
  • They also show the feature that sometimes a quantity ERAM may be placed in the external data space.
  • There is sharing of data and buses by RAM and ROM.
  • These clocks run with great speed and have a frequency of around 100 MHz this causes number of instructions to be analyzed in per second.

Microcontroller 8051 has all the features that the best processor should have. The latest Microcontroller 8051 has unique and upgraded features.

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