5 Web Design Choices Proven to Drive Away Customers

What are website owners doing that is causing people to leave in droves and never come back? As you already know, it is difficult to get people to visit. It is even more difficult to get them to stay and hear or read what you have to say.

So, it makes sense that you would want to do everything to keep your visitors engaged and minimize any frustrations with your website. The following is a list of web design choices that drive visitors away and what to do to prevent them.

Excessive Imagery

Image-heavy websites are naturally slow loading, which means visitors often have to wait until it is done loading before they can view your site. This is not acceptable. Slow loading websites are intolerable nowadays and will result in your visitors leaving once and for all.

If you must use lots of images, ensure that they are hosted using cloud hosting services designed for images or content delivery networks (CDNs). These will help your website load pretty quick as the images are not hosted on the site.

Difficult Navigation

A hard to navigate website is bound to make the visitor feel angry and frustrated. These aren’t emotions you want to evoke in your website visitors. So, simplify your navigation. Group all similar pages under one category – about us, contact, and careers go in one category, for example – instead of separately.

Be as clear as possible when linking from the home page to internal pages. Anything that distracts or confuses the visitors is to be avoided at all costs. If you are in doubt, follow the three click rule: users should be able to find whatever they are looking for on your site in 3 clicks or less.

Excessive Ads

We get that you want to monetize your website. But not at the detriment of your user’s experience. An ad-heavy site is usually avoided like a plague because it sends a message of distrust, lack of credibility, and most importantly, selling to your visitors.

While there’s nothing wrong with selling, making it very obvious is sure to turn them off. So, reduce the number of ads on your pages, put them in parts of the website where they will be unobtrusive, and you’ll likely generate even more sales.

Autoplay Videos and Audios

Nothing annoys more than having your videos and audios set to autoplay. It is one of the quickest reasons people leave websites in droves. Website owners need to understand that many people surf the web while they are at work.

A website that auto plays any of these is bound to get closed immediately as it can both be distracting and give the impression that the employee isn’t working when he should. So, allow people the option of choosing to listen to or watch whatever video is on your website.

Registration Before Viewing

It is interesting that some websites still do this (here’s looking at you New York Times), but the reality is that it is costing them their traffic. People shouldn’t be compelled to register to get all the information they need on your website. If it is necessary, at least give them a taste of what they will be getting if they register.

Poorly Coded Web Development

People hate websites that crash or freeze their browsers. They typically close these websites immediately, delete them from their browsers and in extreme cases, put them in their blocked websites list.

Ensure that whatever programming language you use to develop the website is fully functional and smooth. No hitches or bugs whatsoever. Test and test and test that site across multiple browsers and device until you are certain that it works 100%.

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