IBM Disaster Recovery As A Service

Two decades ago, IBM experts discovered the importance of extending their data safety services to cover disaster situations. Disasters range from human made to natural disasters which are all covered by the service. IBM Disaster Recovery as a Service also known as IBM DRaaS, involves set policies and procedures that enables businesses to survive disasters.

There are a number of services that are offered by this IT provision. Some of them include:

Resiliency communication

During crises such as earthquakes, communication is very important because organizations need to source for help from the right channels. Accurate early warning information can be sourced by communicating with the weather companies in cases of weather related emergencies. This keeps you ahead with preparedness plans for your business.

Continuous replication

Replication of infrastructure, systems, data and critical applications is conducted continually by this service. What does this mean for an organization? Organizations with this service are able to recover their data very fast, say few minutes after an IT outage.

Business continuity consultation

It is every business’s ambition to have business running smoothly every day but mishaps are inevitable. For this reason IBM Disaster Recover as a service comes into play. The service providers conduct assessment of possible risks, design plans, implementation of the plan as well as ensure the management solution is sustainable.

Data availability service

With this service, disaster recovery is redefined and data converted to business value. This is evidenced as data is backed up and made available when required. Business resumes as usual post disaster.

Recovery of virtualized server

Physical servers are recovered and installed on cloud infrastructures. IBM organizations are kept in highly secured recovery centers. This service enables critical data to be safeguarded as opposed to other services such as tape backup.

Cloud resiliency orchestration

Disaster recovery by IBM DRaaS is automated and thus does not require user intervention. It offers unified disaster risk approach which enables quick authentication. What this means is that cloud resiliency ensures data environment is secured and sustainable.

Benefits of this service


Services that are flexible such as IBM DRaaS incorporate all types of enterprises. Whether it is small, medium or large all can access disaster recovery solutions. Once you expand your business for instance, you have the ability to upscale your DR services as well.

Low cost solution   

The good thing about this service is that the cost is cheaper than what an organization will have to pay up for restoration purposes. It is cost effective and negotiable with the providers. Pay-as-you-use is also another factor that has contributed to its affordability.

Reduced downtime

The speed of recovery of organizational critical data is another admirable attribute that the service has. For this reason, business can swing back to action within no time. Quick recovery is solely because of dedicated servers that support this action.


For every sought by consumers, reliability is considered key. Would you settle for a service you are not sure will be available at your hour of need? Of course not, IBM Disaster Recovery as a Service has reliability standards which reduce errors as well as data loss during recovery.

It is certain that your business needs this service, so get in touch with your expert now.  


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