4 Elements of Good Web Design

It isn’t an easy thing to build your own website, especially if you’re waffling on things like design, color scheme and navigation. How can you be sure you’re making the right decisions? What elements of web design have proven to be effective? Here’s a quick guide to crafting a successful site.


When you look at a list of famous, game-changing websites, one thing stands out: They all promote usability above everything else. If a customer can’t navigate your site with ease, the odds are they simply won’t bother. They’ll go to a competitor who offers the convenience that you don’t. If you want to go down in history with the greats, don’t be afraid to sacrifice an attractive design for a more utilitarian one.


The average attention span is only seconds. As a species, humans are less attentive than goldfish. What does this mean for your website? It’s absolutely imperative that you keep things simple and self-explanatory. No one wants to dig around a strange site just to know what your business is about; in fact, it’s entirely possible that their attention spans won’t let them. If you want to retain your users, you can’t frustrate them.


Did you know that grocery stores herd their customers in a very specific order? They start with the fruits and vegetables, draw you over to the boxed goods and then leave you in the frozen aisles. Good web design does the same thing with its features. For example, the landing page may promote a major sale, and then the navigation will encourage the user to flow down to the online catalogue and eventually the checkout cart.

Visual Engagement

Eyes are naturally drawn to shapes that stand out from the rest. Many web owners take advantage of this evolutionary quirk by flooding their site with charts, images and infographics, but really, large text will have the same effect. You don’t have to include pictures to keep people focused on your page. You just need to grab their attention with something out of the ordinary, something that’s big or bold or bright enough to demand notice.

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