Does Hillary Really Care About Women?

Today, we are really close to choosing the first female president. Many women (and feminists, especially) are ready to vote for Hillary only because she is a woman. ‘She is a woman,’ they usually say, ‘what else do you want?’ The mainstream media closely coordinate with Mrs. Clinton’s press team to ensure that viewers couldn’t miss the pro-women talking points focusing on her gender and the presidency.

But is it really enough?

First of all, she’s would be not only the first female president but also the first presidential nominee ever who is also being investigated by the FBI on suspicion of compromising the nation’s security with her private email server and cavalier handling of classified information.

Have you noticed that Hillary is an amazing combination of smooth-talking neoliberal and warrior-neoconservative? There’s no regime change opportunity, a chemical or conventional arms deal, an escalated aerial (or lately drone) war, or an authoritarian friend in need, that Hillary hasn’t liked. If we get her, we will only be setting back feminism by decades, because her policies—like welfare “reform”—have always come packaged under the false rubric of caring for women and children. It’s like George W. Bush’s “compassionate conservatism,” the rhetorical cover she needs to enact policies, time after time, that erode women’s and children’s standing even as she claims to be their steadfast advocate.

There are a lot of women who do not support Hillary. It’s true that, as a whole, women support her more than Donald Trump but that support is not nearly as overwhelming as black voter support was for Barack Obama in 2008 and 2012.


Many women don’t feel represented by Hillary Clinton. They feel like she tries to regulate their personal life with her ideas on healthcare, daycare and maternity. Clinton’s message is that if women don’t follow her script for being a good woman, ‘well sucks to you, you can just pay taxes to pay for all the ladies who do.’

Isn’t support for fracking, tough-on-crime policies and hawkish foreign policy more important issues than a candidate’s gender?

From economical point of view, Hillary supports one of the weakest plans for economic growth, Obama’s. While her husband offered a really good platform which led to one of the most successful economic periods for American women. Free trade, fiscal responsibility, and welfare reform were followed by rising wages in the 1990s and by the highest labor-force participation rate among women ever reached in America: 60 percent in 1999.

She also wants to double down on the Affordable Care Act which will lead to 2.5 million fewer full-time jobs by 2024. The jobs most likely to go are low-skilled, low-wage ones, predominately occupied by women.

Her idea to increase the minimum wage leads to the same result as the Affordable Care Act doubling down. Clinton would raise, not lower, taxes on millions of working women who are already struggling to make ends meet.

She supports abortion, she doesn’t like women to be anywhere around her at work (because of that story with her husband, of course.) Her foundation accepted tens of millions of dollars from nations with disturbing records on women’s rights, gender discrimination and violence against women and children such as Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Algeria. Hillary Clinton’s actions on the international stage has led to mass casualties among women and children in Libya, Syria, Yemen, Iraq and other countries. The growth of ISIS and other radical Islamic groups in the Middle East as a direct result of U.S. policies in the region has caused violations of women’s rights on an unprecedented scale, including the enslavement of thousands of Syrian and Iraqi girls by fighters.

All in all, Hillary is more a women opponent, she supports women in words. She uses her rhetoric so that minorities and poor women voted for her. She is charming only with women who are ready to support her.


She never wanted any other woman to take her place or a better place. She loves to be woman, but she wants to be the only woman.

Voting women have to look beyond Hillary’s rhetoric and sweet words her pet-media put in her mouth.

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