What to Do After a House Fire

Thousands of home are damaged or completely destroyed by fires every single year. While these events can be tragedies, the steps you take immediately following a fire is going to have a major impact on your life for years to come. Here is a look at a few steps you can take after a house fire to protect your loved ones, limit damage to your property, and receive the compensation you need to move forward.

Secure All Important Documents

Once you are sure your family is safe, you should double-check to make sure you have all of your important documents. As a general rule, everyone should invest in a fire-resistant safe where they can keep those papers. Some of the documents you might need immediately following a fire include your license, birth certificate, property titles, insurance policies, and checkbooks.

Contact Loved Ones

You are going to need as much support as you can get in the weeks following the fire, and notifying your loved ones will help you start that process. At the very least, you should notify your family and tell them you are safe. You should also provide them with information on where you will be staying and how they can reach you.

Notify Your Insurance Provider

Most policies require homeowners to notify their insurance providers within just a few days of a catastrophe such as a fire. If you feel like your insurance provider is treating you unfairly, then you might need to work with experienced insurance appraisers who will put your needs first. These specialists can help you and your insurance provider come up with a fair amount of compensation after going over the policy and estimates.

Record as Much Information as Possible

In order to be fairly compensated, you will need to collect and record as much data as possible during and after the fire. That includes information such as how the fire started, how it spread, who was injured, what was damaged, and where you stayed after the event. You will also need to save all of the estimates you receive from local contractors and fire repair specialists.

Dealing with a house fire is going to change your life forever, and that is why it is so important to be proactive about protecting your family, home, and finances as soon as you are able to do so.

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